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Lighting & production


Lighting & Production has become incredibly popular for events of all kinds.  When you look at most events, there is a combination of music, lighting, A/V and photo booths. There are many of moving parts that have to be managed and need to work together, based on an established timeline. In essence, your Wedding or event is a true to life "Production". Chat with us to discover what elements should be utilized to achieve your goals & vision and create the "experience" you desire. We offer solutions and the creativity to work with all needs.


What are Uplights? Uplights are battery-powered, LED lights that are placed on the floor and shine light "Up" the wall to create a color wash that makes any venue look amazing. With Millions of color variations, these lights have the ability to display most ANY color you can imagine. Uplights can be operated wirelessly and be set to a Static (aka: solid) color or set to several different colors (ie: the Amber & Pink pictured above). When it comes to dance time... they can fade slowly from one color to another or even be set to change with the music. Uplighting is also an opportunity to bring a splash of color to enhance your color "theme".  (FYI... our uplights operate for up to 16 hours!)


Dance Lighting:

Dance time lighting aka: "Club" lighting says "It's Party Time!!!"... Time to dim the lights and hit the dance floor. We offer many lighting option from basic to moving heads to transforming your venue into a Nightclub. We even offer a a 16" Disco Ball should you want to "Shake Your Groove Thing" and Boogie! There are too many option to list and we can customize a light show based on your venue, vision & budget.


Monogram Projection:

AKA "Gobo projection"... Personalize your event by projecting a custom image of your Names, Logo or Monogram on the floor, walls or ceiling of your venue or tent. There are solid (non-moving) gobos, solid but rotating gobos a well as Animated gobo projection (add motion and special effects to your Monogram). 


Lighting Design:

Looking for that WOW factor? There are some very exciting lighting design elements that can transform a Venue or tent to a whole other level... Some options include texture projection and/or color washing on ceilings, walls and/or floors as well as "Bistro" String Lighting & follow-spot lighting for a grand entrance/stage and/or theatrical performance.

These solutions can be used in conjunctionwith Uplighting and Monogram/Gobo projection to become a total lighting design that will leave you and your guests blown away with visual disbelief. 


Special Effects:

Would you like to dance on the clouds?... Want to have an impact moment with confetti canons or CO2 effects firing-off at midnight, during your entrance, first dance or once the dance floor is ready to explode??? Fog, Haze & Lasers? Yup!!! We have some amazing options for you!

Note: (Some effect require fire permits and/or permission from your Venue but know that we can handle all the details).

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